Constitution (Work in Progress)


The name of the club shall be FISH HOEK ELECTRIC RADIO FLYERS (FHERF) hereinafter referred to as the Club.

2  AIM

The aim of the club shall be to promote and foster interest in aeronautics through the building and flying of radio controlled model aircraft, powered solely by electric motors, and all other forms of silent flight.


Membership shall be open, subject to the approval of the committee and membership of SAMAA. A copy of the applicants SAMAA membership card will be required for verification of current and up-to- date membership.

There shall be 4 categories of membership.

  • 1     Full Member
  • 2     Retired/Senior citizen Member
  • 3     Junior/Non flying Member
  • 4     Honorary Life Member

A Full Member is defined as a person who is not yet a senior citizen or retired, but is over the age of 18.

A Retired/Senior citizen member is defined as a member over the age of 60.

A junior member is defined as a member who is under the age of 19.

An Honorary Life Member is a member who has been honored by the committee as a lifetime member who is no longer required to pay membership fees.


  • See membership application form for current subscription fees.

The annual subscriptions shall be due on the date of the Annual General Meeting each year. As this club is constituted as a non-profit organization, only such fees as required to maintain the flying site and cover the Annual Rates will be collected in the form of subscriptions.  All other funds that may be required to support the clubs activities shall be raised through fund raising events and sponsorship.


Visitors from other SAMAA affiliated clubs shall be allowed to fly four times within a period of a year and may do so with approval from the club committee.

Anyone who is interested in joining the club will be allowed to fly in the presence of a club member who has a proficiency rating of  bronze or higher and may do so four times before submitting the annual membership fee and becoming a FHERF club member.

A landing fee of R50 will be levied per day.

Landing fees may be paid to members who are present (on presentation of their membership card) at the field and these in turn paid to the treasurer of the club.

The club leases the land and all rights to the use of the club facilities are reserved.


The Annual General Meeting (hereinafter referred to as the AGM) of the Club will be held during the month  of February  each  year,  at  which  time  fees  for  the  following  year  will  become  due  and membership cards handed out. Notice of such meeting with the Agenda, will be e-mailed or posted to members at least 7 days in advance, or will be available from the Secretary. A 2/3 majority shall be required to carry any motion that may be proposed. For this meeting a quorum shall consist of at least 1/3 of all paid-up members.


The committee which will be elected at the AGM, shall consist of the following:

  • 1     Chairman
  • 2     Secretary
  • 3     Treasurer
  • 4     Three additional members

The above committee shall be wholly responsible for the activities, conduct and affairs of the club. Additional Members may be co-opted by the committee when required.

A President or patrol may be elected.


The club may bestow Honorary Life Membership upon members when deemed appropriate.


The Committee or any 5 members are entitled to call a Special General Meeting if deemed necessary. Such a request, in writing, should reach the Secretary 21 days prior to such a meeting being required. The Secretary is then to notify all members 14 days prior to the date of meeting.

Matters discussed at this meeting shall be confined only to those tabled on the Agenda. A 2/3 majority shall be required to carry any motion that may be proposed. For this meeting a quorum shall consist of at least 1/3 of all paid-up members.


The Committee has the right to take disciplinary action against any member contravening the Rules or Constitution of the Club. Such a Member has the right to appeal against such action within 3 months of the date of such action, at a General Meeting.


Public liability is vested in the individual member, therefore a prerequisite for membership of the Club, is membership of the South African Model Aircraft Association (SAMAA), whose members enjoy up to

R5 million cover against damage or injury that may occur to themselves, or third parties, or property, whilst operating from SAMAA approved flying sites.


Votes  in absentia submitted in writing for a specific purpose will be accepted.


The Committee will from time to time, issue new rules or amend existing rules as required by circumstances. These amendments should be noted and inserted in this booklet.

The rules apply to all members and visitors, and are enforceable as far as they can be applied to club fields, or where members may be flying for any reason.

Your co-operation is sought in ensuring that they adhered to at all times for our common good. Safe flying is of paramount importance, therefore transgressors will be dealt with according to the Rules and Regulations of the Club. Should a FHERF Club Member not adhere to the Rules and Regulations, membership may be revoked. In the case of visiting members, the offending member may be banned from using the field in the future.


These rules are an extension of the SAMAA safety rules.

Transmitters must be used with the appropriate colour pennant attached to the aerial and/or pegboard arrangement for frequencies.

The above does not apply to 2.4GHz frequency hopping Transmitters.

Due care must be taken of wind direction with regard to take-offs and landings.

Pilots must announce loudly, their intention to take off or land, to other pilots flying at the time. Aircraft landing, will have priority over those taking off.

No flying is permitted over the pits, spectator area, car park, any built up or populated area, or

the sports field and facilities, irrespective of wind direction or position of the sun etc.

No low flying is permitted, with the exception of take-off, climb-out or landing approach. Only SAMAA approved frequencies are allowed.

No taxiing is permitted within the pit area.

Flying is to cease if the light becomes so poor as to be considered unsafe to properly control the aircraft.

The flying sight is to be left clean. All litter, broken model parts, cleaning materials etc. must be removed.

All members are considered as “Safety Officers of the day” when flying and may ground any member or visitor for rule infringements. They may also take other suitable action to enforce safety, conduct or flying rules.

Children and non members, apart from visiting pilots, are not allowed on the runway/field and must stay within the “tyred” pit area.

The consumption of alcohol is prohibited at the flying field.