The air space above 150 feet belongs to the South African Civil Aviation (SACAA). In order to use that airspace SAMAA applied to the SACAA to become an Aviation Recreation Organization (ARO)

What is an ARO?

SACAA require all ARO’s to produce a Manual of Procedures (MOP).

What does SAMAA MOP look like.

All of these new developments made it necessary for each of the SAMAA registered clubs to carry out a Risk Assessment.

Each of the SAMAA clubs were required to appoint a Safety Officer who in turn was required to accept the following responsibilities.

SAMAA scrutinized these risk assessments and then mitigated where necessary with their Insurers.

SAMAA clubs that completed the risk assessment and after mitigation, were found to be compliant, received a Certificate of Compliance.

The following guidelines will apply in the event of a claim.

SAMAA are in the process of conducting Webinars for the purposes of disseminating information to all of the club Chairmen.

Webinar number 1 SACAA Regulations

Webinar number 2 ARO MOP, insurance, and Risk Assessments.

Webinar number 3 Risk Assessment

Webinar number 4 Insurance