Members are encouraged to take one of the following fixed wing proficiency ratings, Solo, Bronze or Silver.

You will be required to answer a few safety questions before you commence your flight test and you can find the answers in the Proficiency booklet also known as the “The SAMAA Manual of Procedures”

If you wish to take one of the proficiency tests please click on the relevant proficiency above to download the score sheet and let us know so that we can make arrangements.

We are fortunate to have the following proficiency rated pilots who have agreed to participate in the process:

  • Christo LeRoux Gold
  • Marcel Van Der Vaart Gold
  • Gus Thomas Gold
  • Damien Gold
  • Schalk Human Silver
  • Peter Beretta Silver
  • Doug Ross Silver

With effect from 2019 anyone who would like to take the Gold or Instructor rating needs to arrange to do so with SAMAA.